How does SpaceLoud work?

Here's how you can leverage our platform.
Written by Calix Nova
Updated 2 weeks ago

SpaceLoud is a dynamic platform that connects artists and influencers. With access to thousands of influencers, SpaceLoud allows artists to significantly expand their reach by collaborating with top talent on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. The platform ensures your music connects with the right audience, helping you gain millions of new listeners and the recognition your music deserves.

Here’s how you can use SpaceLoud to amplify your reach:

1. Create a Campaign: Launch a campaign and receive offers from influencers eager to promote your music. You have the freedom to accept, decline, or negotiate these offers, giving you full control over who promotes your music.

2. Launch a Challenge: Engage influencers in a creative contest by setting up a challenge. Influencers compete to create the most viewed and creative posts about your track, and you only pay for the top-performing content. This approach quickly generates numerous pieces of content and helps your track reach millions of views.

3. Book Influencers Directly: For a customized approach, reach out to influencers directly. Filter options based on price, follower count, genre, and more to find the perfect match for your music’s style and target audience.

With SpaceLoud, you have complete control over your budget, the influencers you collaborate with, and the platforms where your music is shared.

Additionally, SpaceLoud ensures secure payment protection for every collaboration. Before your collaboration is complete, you get to do a 'Final Review' of the influencer's content, to ensure you are 100% happy. Payments are held securely until the influencer completes the promotion and provides proof with post links and stats screenshots, allowing you to verify the effectiveness of each promotion.

In summary, SpaceLoud offers a unique, risk-free opportunity to enhance your music’s presence and reach a wider audience through influencer collaborations.

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