How to Send an Offer on a Campaign

This is a key step to earning money on SpaceLoud.
Written by Calix Nova
Updated 3 weeks ago

Sending artist's offers on campaigns is a great way to speed up the process of earning money on SpaceLoud. You have nothing to lose, send as many offers as you want. Here's how:

1) Log into the platform

2) Click 'Find Artists'

3) Click 'Send Proposal' on any campaign(s) you're interested in.

4) Fill in your offer and the date you'll make the post -- then send it!

For your offer amount, take a look at the artist's offer. It usually increases your chances of the artist accepting your proposal if you keep it at that amount or lower. But it's up to you.

From there, the artist will accept, decline, or counteroffer and you'll be notified at every step.

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